Services Provided

+ Preventative Care

Physical Exams Vaccinations Parasite Control (deworming, flea & tick, heartworm) Consult on Behavioral Issues Consult on Nutritional Needs Dental Care

+ General Surgery

Spay/Neuter Dental Cleaning Mass Removals Gastrointestinal Procedures Orthopedics Procedures

+ Treatment Services

Vomiting Diarrhea Dehydration Parasite Infections (Internal & External) Bacterial Infection Viral Infections Ear Infections Anal Gland Infections Urinary Tract Infections Skin Conditions Allergies Upper Respiratory Illness Acute Injuries (hit by a car, fratures, sprains, strains) Intestinal Foreign Objects Ingested Toxins (food, plants, household chemicals, etc.)

+ Emergency Care

Walk-ins and referrals always welcomed in the event of an emergency. However, our primary facilities are unable to provide 24 hour monitoring and more severe cases may be more effectively managed at a 24 hour facility such as VCSG in St. Elmo. Their number is 423-591-0270.