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Vet: Dr. John Lindsay

Dr. John Lindsay is a native of Wildwood, GA, and he spent his childhood outdoors on the farm and in the mountains. He attended the University of Georgia for an undergraduate degree in Avian Biology, followed by a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. 

Becoming a veterinarian was a lifelong journey for John. He knew he wanted to be a vet, at eight years old, after watching his neighbor save the family pot-bellied pig. He began his veterinary career soon thereafter, working in kennels and as a technician during summer breaks. John enjoys all aspects of his profession, but specifically surgery and preventative medicine. John focuses on an educational approach to help clients make the best decisions during the treatment process with their furry friend. He tries to treat each animal he sees like his own pet.

John and his wife Meghan met while they were both students in Athens. They were happily married on the Lindsay family farm in Wildwood, Georgia. Meghan is a behavior analyst that specializes in treatment of autism spectrum disorders, working with both children and adults. Together they have four rescued animals, two cats and two dogs (so far).